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Become an Agency Owner!
Build your empire! Your new revenue stream

Welcome to the realm of Persisca Monarchs, where you're not just an agent – you're a monarch poised to build your empire.
Best for:
  • Digital Marketing Enthusiasts
  • Business Development Coaches
  • Influencers looking to monetize
We have a White Label Agency for you
As an esteemed member of our exclusive agency program, you'll wield the power of a white-label website and a robust XRM tool.

This is your gateway to reign supreme in the digital landscape, offering Persisca's cutting-edge solutions to your clients. Embrace your journey as a monarch and craft the empire you've envisioned.

What you make:

As a Persisca Monarch, your empire thrives with:
  • Subscription Commissions:
    Command 70% of the first month and 15% ongoing lifetime for clients subscribing to WebSuite, RealtySuite, RestoSuite, XRM, SMM, Connect, Travel, Servers, eLP, and Reddot.
  • Project Commissions: Garner 20% of the final pricing for any one-time fee services, including Web Designing, Marketing Strategy, Graphic Designing, and more.
  • Your Empire, Your Pricing: Tailor your services with flexible pricing, taking full control of your website and allowing you to charge additional fees to shape your empire.
  • Persisca SMM Access: Utilize Persisca SMM for your client's accounts at a regal cost of $6 per account per month, sans upfront fees.
  • Email Marketing Dominion: Reign over your marketing activities by sending up to 5000 emails per month. Upgrades available.


Knowledge Empire

These courses are your tools to build a formidable empire, arming you with the knowledge to lead in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Embrace the education of a monarch and watch your empire thrive.

Fortify your skills with Core Tech. Category of Persisca University.
(Value: $99 USD /mo)
Maximal ROI
Experience Maximal ROI: Your Gateway to Digital Prosperity!
  • White Label Website w/ All Solutions Listed
  • White Label XRM
  • Your Pricing
  • Free Tech. Courses (Value: $99 USD /mo)
  • Certification after each course
  • Landing Page w/ Your Logo
  • Clients Dashboard with Your Logo
  • Ticketing System in Your Platform
  • A Huge Marketplace to Sell From, Including Subscription Services for CRM, Websites, SMM, Real Estate Websites, Restaurant Websites, etc.
Minimal Investment
    +   $
Unlock your empire for a one-time investment of $859 USD one-time fee, plus just $49 USD per month – a small price for monumental possibilities.

A Persisca Success Snapshot

It's Persisca's pleasure to partner with the exceptional Juliana Lopes, of The Fem Group.

Juliana Lopes

Branding Specialist
Juliana Lopes spearheaded a transformative project for a Skin Care company, utilizing Persisca's solutions. This encompassed a dynamic XRM system, impactful website enhancements, landing pages, and engaging marketing funnels, resulting in a project that was priced for $6,480. The company also subscribed to XRM, Ad Management, SEO, and Blogging, investing an additional $3,200 in recurring services with Persisca.
Juliana's Income:
  • 70% of First Month Subscription (Total: $2,240)
  • 20% of One-Time Project Cost (Total: $1,296)
  • 15% Ongoing Income for Subscriptions (Monthly: $480)
  • Anything she charges monthly for her branding consultancy 
  • Juliana's Earning on This Project:
    $3,536 One time + $480 Monthly
This is just one project — imagine the potential with the ability to undertake multiple projects in a single month!